“Yes please! I need MORE of this wickedly erotic world Ms. Chandler has woven!  Bottom Line: This is Ms. Chandler’s debut novel, but you’d never know it by the excellent writing and editing. ENOUGH is totally flawless…pick this one up STAT!!” Read More
–The Romance Review, 5 Stars


“This was a book that I found hard to put down. ENOUGH is the debut title from Jade Chandler and I’d  just like to say that I loved her writing style so much. Dare and Lila’s story was red hot and had me hooked almost from the first page.” Read More
–Night Owl Reviews, 4.5 Stars


“Enough by Jade Chandler had me thoroughly entranced from the beginning of the book until the very end. The more I read, the more I liked about Dare and Red’s story.” Read More
–-Love, Lust Erotic Romance Blog,  5 Stars







“Where’s your stuff?” I assessed her stiff shoulders pushing out her perfect tits with spunk I hadn’t seen before. I thought Red was gonna be even more attractive pissed off.



“I uh…don’t have any. Why are you here? I’ve had a long day.” Every ounce of her body gave me attitude.



“You. I wanted you, but now I want answers.” I swallowed the smile from the way she ruffled up, ready for a fight.



“That’s not going to—”



She wasn’t avoiding me on this.



“—happen.” It came out as a squeak. “You need…to go.”



“You are going to answer my questions.” I crowded her until she was pressed against the door, where I closed her in with one arm on each side of her.



She stared up at me, then a mulish line formed across her mouth right before she ducked under my arm and headed to the kitchen.


“Red, what the hell?” I followed her.



“Did you need something?” Her voice quavered even though she fisted her hands tight at her sides.



“Yeah, where’s the furniture? What are you hiding?”



Time passed and she stayed silent, sipping her water. The girl had moxie, not many guys could hold out when I demanded answers.


But there she stood, water bottle in hand, taking turns glaring at me and studying her feet.



I saw the moment when she gave in, her face softened, like the holding out had been what was out of character. It could be, for all I knew.



“I don’t have furniture. I stuffed what fit in the back of my SUV before I headed out of Texarkana and away from my ex.”


“I’ve got a truck. We can—”



“No, we can’t. A few pieces of furniture aren’t worth the hassle.” She turned away, running her hands through her hair.


The way she stood alone bothered me, so I circled my arms around her middle and drew her close. Her body stayed tense for a beat then she relaxed into me. Now this was the way it should be. A strawberry scent drifted up from her hair—of course it’d be strawberries, a happy scent.


Arms crossed, she turned to me. “Happy now?”


“Hell no. I’m not happy.” I struggled against the anger rising since I didn’t want her to stop talking. “You know we’d help you without a second thought.”


“I can take care of myself.” She bristled and walked to the door. “See you in the morning, boss.”


Now she was pissed. What had I said to bring out the anger? I was trying to help.


With her green eyes blazing with heat, she was sexier than ever. I just wanted to sweep her up and carry her to bed. We could work out the other shit tomorrow. But she was more than some random chick, she was my employee. My responsibility.


I crossed to the door, reached over her head and swung the damn door shut. It made a satisfying boom.


“No, not even close to done with you.” The time for games was over.


The minx pushed me, not that I moved. “What do you—”


That was it, the spit-fire had tempted me one too many times. I restrained both her wrists above her head and claimed her mouth.


She went lax in my hold, letting me control this kiss. No, I was wrong about that. She leaned forward and pushed into my mouth, taking as much as she gave. My cock hard, the punch of need hit me full center; if I didn’t back down now, we’d be fucking in seconds. With self-control I reached deep for, I stepped away from her hot lips.


“You and me—got something between us.” I strode across the room trying to control my breathing. “But I will sort this shit first.”


She stayed where I’d left her, wide-eyed and fuckable. I wanted to take her up on that offer. Hopefully she’d still be wanting me after we were done here.


“You got a man chasing you?”




“The loser lay hands on you? He hurt you? Why you running?” I fired questions at her. Her face drew tight.


“You got a woman? What do you want from me? Why won’t you go?”


I could see she thought I wouldn’t answer, but I’m an open book, at least in those areas. “No woman. To have sex with you, over and over.” I gave her the truth. “Give me answers and I’ll leave.” That should get her to spill. She kept insisting I go, not that I wanted to go, but I did want answers most, right now.


Her thoughts played quickly across her face. “I always run.” She met my gaze with defiance bright in her expression. “Yeah, Tony hurt me some but needed to control me more. When Jericho hired me, I packed my things while the jerk worked, and hauled ass before he hurt me worse. But I’m not something he’d track down.”




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